1980 - 1989

HUMAN VOICE & PERFECT SWINE - director Peter Wilberforce

Music Theatre Manchester

STIFF STUFF - director Richard Brandon

Libary Theatre, Manchester

THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO - director Steve Unwin

EUGENE ONEGIN - director Wilfred Judd

THE ABDUCTION FROM SERAGLIO - director Michael Mccarthy

Opera 80

BUD - director Tony Mulholland

Different Drummer Theatre Company

MUMMIES - director Bob Eaton

TRAFFORD TANZI - director Robert Swaine

OUT OF THE VIDEO BOX - director Val Baxter

LATE NIGHT LIVE - director Bob Eaton

Londond Bubble Theatre Company

SOUL OF THE WHITE ANT - director Gregory Hersov

STREET CAPTIVES - director Tim Fywell

Royal Exchange Theatre



MADAME MAO - director Peter Oyston

SHADOW OF A GUNMAN - director Eric Standige

JOURNEYMAN JACK - director Graham Devlin

CRIMES OF THE HEART - director Kate Rowland

MACBETH - director Ian Kellgren

NUTS - director Ian Kellgren

SOAPLITES - director Phil Redmond

TASTE OF HONEY - director Ian Kellgren

BEDROOM FARCE - director Peter Fieldson

SERVENT OF TWO MASTERS - director Peter Fieldson

A BRUSQUE AFFAIR - director Kate Rowland

THE BEAUX STRATAGEM - director Tal Rubins

SECOND LADY - director Julian Webber

THE WAREHOUSE - director Tony Mulholland

THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE - director Heather Goodman

THE WALL  - director Tony Mulholland

POLITICS IN THE PARK - director Tony Mulholland

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